Synth arpeggio

One of the things I’m trying to do these days is to spend some time exploring new apps. I fall into the common trap of acquiring apps and then not really using them very much. This has been especially true for synths - I like the idea of using lots of different synths, but in practice don’t spend enough time tweaking and playing and really getting to know the apps.

I started with tweaking up a sound in Addictive Synth, and using the app’s arpeggiator to create a simple pattern. I recorded this into Cubasis, and added a timed delay to create a more harmonic pattern (you can hear the delay start in the the second half of this loop).

I wrote a very simple drum part using FunkBox Drum Machine.

The bass part is iFretless Bass played through a Bias amp.

Drums were processed a little bit with Turnado, then everything mixed in Cubasis and final tweaks in Final Touch.

It’s interesting that starting with a focus on one app ended up using six different apps to create the final result.

Tagged with: audio, sketch