Layered ukulele

One of my absolute favorite apps on the iPad is JamUp. The amp modeling and effects are top notch, and the variety of possible sound is endless. Today I wanted to create something using only layers of ukulele. Everything here was played through JamUp and recorded into Cubasis. There’s a few timing issues, but overall I’m quite happy with the result.

I started with a dark tremolo fingerpicking pattern, which I double tracked and panned left/right (only one track is heard here).

Tremolo fingerpick

I added an acoustic strum in the same voicing as the finger picking, which I also ended up double tracking.

Acoustic strum

Then I played a simpler, higher strum pattern with an eigth note filtered delay.

High strum

Finally, I added a very simple distorted lead line.


Once everything was mixed, I aded a few tweaks in Final Touch.

Final mix

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