Processed Uke Layers

Here’s something I worked up about a month ago while on vacation in Higgins Beach, Maine.

I’ve posted an experiment before with layers just from the ukulele. This time I was working with processing the sound with ToneStack instead of JamUp. ToneStack is a newer guitar amp and effects app that is quickly becoming a favorite. The effects are particularly great. There’s 6 different tracks going on here, all recorded from the ukulele, each processed differently:

  • 3 “drum” tracks (bass, snare, strum rhythm)
  • bass track (using a pitch effect to transpose two octaves lower)
  • rhythm strum (simple basic distortion)
  • “organ” sound - this is a combination of a pitch effect to add harmonics and a volume envelope.

As usual, recording and basic mixing was done in Cubasis.

Just for kicks, here’s what everything sounds like with no processing, just the ukulele tracks. Interestingly, I might actually like this version better. Maybe sometimes all the tweaking and processing isn’t actually worth it.

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