Fall From Grace

Songwriting is something that hasn’t come naturally to me. My wife Kate is a fiction writer, and we’ve always talked about collaborating more to write songs, but somehow it’s been difficult to get into a good routine.

Writing this song was not difficult. Kate had fully formed lyrics and a melody, and all I had to do was fit the chords underneath. Kate has written much more about the process over on her blog. You should go read it.

We are both pretty happy with how this came out. I like the feel and the arrangement a great deal.

Recording notes

  • All recording and mixing was done on the iPad using Cubasis.
  • The acoustic ukulele strumming is processed through JamUp, and I triple tracked it (panned left, right, and center).
  • The bass was also processed through JamUp. I’m especially proud of the bass line under the chorus. I originally had it mixed even louder, but Kate told me I had to turn it down.
  • The more electric ukulele part that comes in on the second verse was recorded through ToneStack.
  • The organ is Galileo, slightly distorted through SquashIt.
  • The piano is SampleTank.
  • The drum part was programmed using one of the stock kits in Cubasis.
  • Kate’s vocals (two leads, two harmonies) were recorded direct into Cubasis, and then processed using Final Touch.
  • The reverb used on the track is AUFX:Space.
  • Final processing was done in Final Touch.
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