Love Is A Sickness

Here’s a new song from Kate and me. This song came together quickly - maybe the fastest one yet.

As I wrote in my last post, I was home for the past two weeks to focus on music. For a couple days it seemed like Kate was constantly tinkering with this song. Once she was done, I came up with the chords and melody one day and recorded all the tracks the next day. It helped that I kept the arrangement very simple and resisted the urge to do lots of production. It’s the most “demo” sounding song we’ve done so far.

Recording notes

There are just 4 tracks on this one (well 5 really, since I split the stereo piano onto 2 tracks).

  • The piano and electric piano sounds are from SampleTank - I intentionally used an upright piano sound for a less “pristine” sound. I also focused very hard on keeping the electric piano as understated as possible.
  • Bass was recorded through JamUp.
  • I’m continuing to experiment with workflow for main sequencers - lately I’ve been using Cubasis as more of a sketching tool, and then record final tracks directly into Auria.
  • I added some final processing in Final Touch.
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