Ever since I got my first ukulele for Christmas in 2010, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with playing it and developing different musical ideas. I have a tendency to come up with patterns that I play over and over. They aren’t quite songs, though some of them do have several sections. Most have no lyrics or even melody.

I’ve built up quite a few of these over the past six years. I don’t know if any will ever turn into full songs, but I thought I’d at least document and memorialize them.

So far, there are 6 fragment posts:

Recording notes

I often go overboard when making music - it’s hard to resist adding additional tracks or effects. For this series, I’ve made a conscious effort to keep things as simple as possible - no click track, no overdubs, just playing and recording.

I created a simple setup in AUM (which is amazing! - but that needs it’s own post), running the ukulele directly in. I added a little amp sound and reverb using ToneStack, and mixed the direct signal with the effect signal. This mix then gets directly recorded into Audioshare. With this setup, I can quickly capture a bunch of ideas at once, without having to mess with creating new projects or files each time.