Uke Breakbeat 20

There’s a lot that went into this one…

I started with a sample of a metal bowl that I recorded on my phone (you can hear the kids in the background):

Metal bowl sample

Then I processed that in the Fieldscaper app to create this loop:

Bowl sample processed with fieldscaper

I took that loop into KORG Gadget and treated it two ways. First I sped it up and increased the pitch:

Pitched bowl sample

Then I sliced and sequenced it to create this more rhythmic loop:

Sequenced bowl sample

I combined these together with a drum beat:

Drum beat with bowl sample loops

Then I recorded this ukulele part along with that beat:

Ukulele loop

I took that ukulele part, chopped it up and resequenced it to create the final result.

KORG Gadget screenshot

Made with:

This was played on my Pono baritone ukulele.

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